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Proudly Sourced From The Pacific Ocean in Laguna Beach, CA


Health is Wealth

Our proprietary ionization treatment process creates supercharged ionized alkaline water within simplified steps. Unwanted particles are removed through microfiltration and reverse osmosis, making H2Optimized pure. Then the water is infused with the needed amount of electrolytes; not just for taste, but to better complement the body’s natural pH balance and to bring your water to life. Acidic ions are removed, to reduce the amount of free radicals within your body, creating a supercharged alkaline water with pH levels of 9.5 or higher.

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The Potential Benefits of Alkaline Ionized Water in Preventing Colorectal Cancer & Other Cancers

Cancer starts with the acidification of cells. People tend to eat meals that are too acidic; it's really hard these days not to. This makes our bodies overly acidic, which could lead to sickness and disease. Our blood will always be about 7.365 pH, but the interstitial (between-cells) fluids' pH can vary, and so can the pH of cells, tissues, intestines, colon and other organs. Too much acidity in the diet can lead to diseases caused by this low pH condition. 

Inside our bodies, our cells, tissues and organs need varying levels of alkalinity. Even the stomach likes alkalinity between meal times. A huge benefit of alkaline ionized water is that it helps to balance out the pH in the body's fluids when you drink it throughout the day

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Heart Disease

The hydrogen molecules in ionized water or hydrogen water circulate around your bloodstream and help to neutralize harmful free radicals. Studies show that they help to improve the overall heart function as well as to decrease blood pressure and normalize cholesterol levels.  This hydrogen (in molecular form) helps protect the blood vessels and the lining of the heart. Drinking ionized water or hydrogen water even after a cardiac arrest has been shown to help in recovery.

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